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Safe At Home™

"Touchless" Bounce House Rentals!

At a time when we're all concerned about what we should be doing and where we should be going, the most prudent advice currently is to stay home and avoid group contact. This is leading to the cancelation of many large community events such as Rodeo Austin, SXSW and Kite Fest just to name a few. However, this is also affecting kids birthday parties and get togethers at trampoline parks, pizza party venues, movie theaters and more. Truly a limiting time, especially during Spring break.

Alas, we have come up with the perfect solution to entertain your kiddos safely and with the peace of mind all parents relish and require at times like these; it's called "Safe At Home™" which in short is this: we will deliver, setup & take down your backyard bounce house, slide, obstacle course or other fun inflatable with NO human contact whatsoever. We will guarantee that the inflatable provided has been cleaned and sanitized with bleach prior to your setup. Our staff & installers will take additional measures to mitigate any cross-contamination by sanitizing the cabs of installer's vehicles and avoiding contact with large groups of people.

We've created two videos below to explain our bounce house sanitizing protocols and the "Safe At Home™" program. Enjoy the videos and be safe, at home!

Quarantine "4 for 4"!

4 Day Bounce House Rentals - $149

We understand that your kiddos may be stuck at home a bit more than usual these days, so we're coming to the rescue with 4 day rental deals! Whatever the 4 hour rate on an inflatable is (default rates shown on this site), that will be the 4 day rate provided the following terms are met:

1. Must be setup in a secure residential backyard.

2. For YOUR KIDDOS only.

3. Ages 2 thru 12 years only.

4. Customer must be willing to occasionally wipe down/sanitize unit (for everyone's safety).

If these conditions are met, then you qualify for this COVID-19 only program. This program will instantly terminate when things have "returned to normal". We'll figure that out together!

When populating your cart, choose only units from the "Quarantine 4 for 4" category here. If you don't see the item you want, no problem, we'll add it (inflatables only). Just call (512) 765-6071 for related requests or questions.