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Moonwalk Safety

Parties are a fun celebration of life, and moonwalks are often the "hit" of the party. But before the jumping, hooting and hollering commences, there are a few basic safety rules to be aware of so that the kids have a good time, and the parents can relax stress free.

1) Most moonwalks are designed for kids ages 2 to 14.
2) No more than 8-12 kids at a time in a standard size moonwalk (15'x15').
3) Do not mix and match different ages/sizes- group the kids of similar size and age together.
4) No sharp objects, food, shoes or canned string (such as Sillystring).
5) An adult MUST be present at all times while the moonwalk is in use. The moonwalk is NOT a babysitting device!
6) When arriving at a party site where there's a moonwalk, do a quick walk-around to ensure that the unit is staked or secured to the ground at all for corners, and that the blower is not obstructed and the blower tube is not bent. Also, the moonwalk should not be setup close to structures or walls as the unit will sway side to side and front to back a foot or two.
7) No flips or horseplay.

Most likely, you will never have to deal with this situation as it is very rare. But just in case it does happen at an event that you are attending, we'd like you to know a few facts:
1) Do NOT panic, the kids will be 100% safe as there is zero chance of suffocation.
2) The kids may view this calamity as "fun", so it will be up to the adults to safely evacuate the unit.
3) Keep in mind that there is usually only one entrance/exit at the front (center typically), but some units have "escape hatches" on the roof held down by Velcro.
4) Once the kids are safely evacuated, check the cords to be sure they're plugged in, and try resetting the circuit breaker. On GFI circuits (outlets near water such as by pools or in bathrooms), the reset is on the outlet. All others will be in the circuit breaker panel.
5) Be sure the air tube is securly and snuggly attached to the blower nozzle. If it is not, do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Immediately call the rental company for instructions or to have a technician return to the site for maintenance. If the moonwalk has more than one air tube, repeat the process for each blower, or for air tubes not connected to a blower, be sure that the tube is cinched off with a strap. If not, immediately call the rental company for instructions or to have a technician return to the site for maintenance. 

More information and videos coming soon!