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39 Inch Cord Protector

39 Inch Cord Protector (for crossing streets with extension cord)

    • Actual Size: 39"x10"
    • Setup Area: 39"x10"
    • Outlets: 0
    • Age Group: All
    • Attendants: 0

    • $5.00
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THIS RENTAL IS FOR ONE 39 INCH LONG CORD PROTECTOR ONLY (6-8 required per 2 cords crossing a standard residential street)
If you're setting up in an area where we are required to run the extension cord across a standard residential street (cannot be used on a busy street or with trucks), these cord protectors will solve the problem. Each cord protector is 39 inches long and can be put together like puzzle pieces to cross a small neighborhood street. Protecting the cord is important as when cars run over a bare extension cord, the copper wire inside can get smashed together causing a short which will trip the circuit breaker resulting in the collapsing of the inflatable. A typical neighborhood street will require 6 to 8 cord protectors to make it from curb to curb. Any unused cord protectors will be removed from the invoice as it is a safety issue and it's better to have them and not need them than the other way around!

Cord protector with no background from Austin Bounce House Rentals