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5 Water Slides That Will Turn Your Backyard into a Water Park

It’s summertime and everybody’s feeling that vacay vibe! But if your summer plans don’t involve a splashtastic trip to the beach or a Disney waterpark, that vacay swag might look more like vacay drag. But before you start counting the days until the kids go back to school, you might want to check out some wild and wacky alternatives for having fun at home! Austin Bounce House Rentals can’t take your family to Disney Land, but we can give you the magic of turning your very own yard into a water park! Don’t believe us? Just keep reading! The five rides you’ll find in this article aren’t just the coolest, splashiest water slides around, they come with a 100% chance of FUN!

Lil Kahuna Water Slide Rental for toddlers in Austin Texas from Austin Bounce House Rentals

1.    Lil' Kahuna

Don’t let the name fool you—when it comes to entertaining cranky toddlers, this is the Big Kahuna of water slides! This awesome and affordable slide lets toddlers climb up the steps on the left slide and slide down on the right. A normal water slide drops you safely to the ground, but on the Lil Kahuna, kids make a big splash… into their own mini pool! If the littlest members of your family have big dreams for summer fun, then this is the slide for them! Just add water and a camera to capture the perfect summer memory. Learn more about the Lil' Kahuna water slide here!

Slide-n-Splash Water Slide Rental in Austin Texas from Austin Bounce House Rentals

2.    Slide‘n Splash

If your big kids—or *cough* Mom & Dad—are jealous of the toddlers’ Lil Kahuna (we don’t blame them, we are too!), give them some fun of their own with the Slide‘n Splash! Perfect for big kids (and kids at heart) who just want some splashy summer fun, the Slide'n Splash features a 14’ft slide with a drop into a small lagoon at the bottom! No plane tickets, passes, or lines required for this mini waterpark—just grab your swimsuit and a smile. Learn more about the Slide'n Splash here!

30 Foot Slip-n-Slide with Pool Rentals in Austin Texas from Austin Bounce House Rentals

 3.    Slip’n Slide

Ah, the Slip’n Slide. If you’re like me, you remember these from your childhood, and the hot dog-grilling, s’more-toasting, watermelon-chomping cookouts that went with them. Those were the days, weren’t they! Just a big plastic mat, a water hose, and endless afternoons of summer memories.  If you want to give your kids the same experience, then you’ve got to try our new Slip’n Slide! This a-maze-ing maze of a slide puts a new twist on a classic favorite as your kids… erm… slip and slide their way through a twisty rainbow tunnel. The fun stops in a pool at the end—my Slip’n Slides sure didn’t have that! —that they can keep splashing into again and again! To recreate the classic fun of summer days gone by, try our new old-fashioned Slip’n Slide today! Check it out here!

Dolphin Splash Water Slide Rentals in Austin Texas from Austin Bounce House Rentals

4.    Dolphin Splash

For the kid who wanted to spend her summer surfing, we have the Dolphin Splash. Bring the beach to your backyard with this splashtastic ride like no other! No ordinary water slide, the Dolphin Splash doubles as a wet roller-coaster, giving kids the experience of really riding the waves! It might not have a pool at the bottom, but it does feature a special, beach-like “wet area” so your little surfer can envision herself crashing up on the shore. Learn more here!

Fire-n-Ice Water Slide Rentals in Austin Texas from Austin Bounce House Rentals

5.    Fire ‘N Ice

What do you get when you mix fire and ice? With this ride, DOUBLE FUN! If you’re looking to go all out for a summer bash, look no farther. Fire ‘N Ice is the perfect ride for those “cooler vacation than Disney” days, those “invited all the neighborhood kids” days and especially those “summer blasts to remember” days. Featuring not one but TWO slides AND a pool to splash into, this is the ride that sparks races, chases, and smiling summer faces! The slides come in two sizes—big and bigger! — with a swirling, twist-and-turn splash at the end to wow even your most skeptical surfer. For a big ride that delivers even bigger fun, you want Fire ‘N Ice. Check it out here!


So, whether you’re looking for an awesome “stay-cation” or good old backyard summer fun, one thing’s for sure: Austin Bounce House Rentals has everything you need to make your summer dreams come true. Because whether you’re off to Disney World for the summer or hanging out in the backyard, at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing: the memories you make with the people you love. So how do you have an awesome summer in 2018? The answer is simple: grab a slide, a smile, and your favorite pals. Just add water.